Pecks Rustic Roast Coffee Blend Now Available

Pecks Rustic Roast Coffee Now Available

Did you know that we now roast, mix and grind our coffee beans to create our special Rustic Roast blend at our Farm shop in Leighton Buzzard?

Yes from bean to shop, our new offering is proving popular.

The new monster coffee processing machine which turns the raw beans into a lovely cup of full-bodied coffee. First, the coffee beans are roasted here on the farm by Nick and Fred, the experts from The House of Coffee in Leighton Buzzard. Then they are mixed to create our lovely full bodied, but not too strong mix that is Pecks Rustic Roast which is then packed for sale in the shop. Or it is used in our new coffee machine for freshly ground coffee to enjoy either while browsing the shop, or as a takeaway.