Sourdough with a story…

We now stock super tasty, authentic sourdough breads from the Companion Bakery in Bedford

This important community initiative is staffed by ex-offenders, giving them a start and new hope as they re-build their lives

As it says on their website…

“We’re a growing community gathered around a commercial Real Bread bakery, supporting ex-offenders to resettle effectively into our local communities and not reoffend. In contrast to the industrial loaf, Real Bread is made slowly from just flour, water, salt and yeast, with no additives. Just as we believe that Real Bread fosters health and wellbeing, so we believe that honesty (with self as well as others) is the best way to move forwards towards a more positive and fulfilling life.”

We are delighted to be able to support this extremely worthwhile project

But, make no mistake, it’s not all altruism – the bread tastes fabulous!

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