Welcome to our “Theatre of Gin”

Gin’s meteoric rise in popularity as part of the craft beer and spirits movement saw Britain’s buying 83 million bottles in 2019. We may not sell quite that much, but we do offer a fabulous choice of independently produced gins here in the food hall.

Making gin is a relatively straight forward process which means boutique distilleries are able to concentrate more of their time and efforts into honing their balance of botanicals to add the basic humble juniper berry to achieve their down unique flavour. Small batch distilling also gives rise to the possibility of experimentation leading to innovative and exciting new combinations that keep this ancient tipple moving forward with the times.

We have sourced several very locally distilled gins for you, plus a few from slightly further afield that we feel bring something special to our impressively diverse array.

To heighten a sense of drama, we present our gin selection in our custom built “Theatre of Gin”.


Here are a few of our current favourites…

Willow Tree

What makes Willow Tree Gin deliciously different?

Smoked Botanicals

Our selectively smoked ingredients are one of the elements that set Willow Tree apart and are what give the gin its amazing flavour and richness.

Home Grown Herbs

A secret combination of 12 herbs and botanicals give Willow Tree Gin it’s unique flavour and many of the herbs are grown with love right here on our farm in Bedfordshire.

Small Batch

Each bottle of Willow Tree Gin is lovingly and sustainably handcrafted in small batches for a beautiful clean finish.

Years in the Making

Our gin wasn’t created overnight, it took nearly a year of experimentation to achieve the perfect balance between fresh ingredients and careful distilling processes.

Griffiths Brothers

Griffiths Brothers Original Gin

Our award-winning original gin is clean and smooth, and the depth of flavour and complexity is exceptional and well-balanced. We have found the ideal balance between decipherable character and classy subtlety.

When tasted neat, the flavour develops and takes you on a journey from zesty citrus and fragrant orange blossom and elderflower, to herbaceous and earthy notes, from bay laurel and liquorice root. Best enjoyed chilled and over ice or in a G&T with orange peel and a fresh bay leaf.


Juniper berries • Coriander seeds • Angelica root • Liquorice root • Cassia bark • Orange zest • Lemon zest • Orris root • Bay laurel • Grains of Paradise • Orange blossom • Barberries • Elderflower

Griffiths Brothers No. 3

Super smooth light gin that captures subtle flavours of the Caribbean. Fresh cut lemon, lime and pineapple combine with juniper to produce a beautifully balanced gin. Perfectly offset by the warm spice notes of cassia, ginger and nutmeg from St Lucia. Rounded off with hints coconut to give a superb finish. For G&T best served with a few raspberries and a Mediterranean tonic.


Juniper berries • Coriander seeds • Angelica root • Cassia • Nutmeg • Cubeb pepper • Lime zest • Lemon zest • Orris root • Pineapple • Ginger • Sea Buckthorn • Coconut

Griffiths Brothers No. 2

Export strength gin packed full of flavour. Soft juniper and grapefruit give way to a herbaceous edge with warm spice and a pleasing vanilla note at the end. For G&T best served with Indian tonic water with a slice of grapefruit peel or a wedge of lime. Also makes a wonderful martini.


Juniper berries • Coriander seeds • Angelica root • Liquorice root • Cubebs pepper • Grapefruit zest • Lime zest • Orris root • All Spice Berries • Fennel • Rose Petals • Rosemary • Vanilla

Copper in the Clouds

Flowerbomb Gin

  • Chamomile and bitter orange blossom give depth and length
  • Rose, lavender and jasmine provide complex floral flavours
  • Juniper berries, coriander seed an orris root are the classic foundations of the gin
  • Heather flowers, calendula and violet offer delicate top notes

Lychee Gin Liqueur 

  • Our best selling gin liqueur combines the fresh flavours of oriental lychees and zesty lemons over a solid juniper base
  • Featured on Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch in 2019 where it won the taste test on the day!
  • Sweetened with British beet-derived sugar giving this drink a silky smooth texture
  • A seven botanical gin, heavy on the lemons provides the base for this recipe
  • The best way to enjoy this, simply add an inch of liqueur to the bottom of a champagne flute and top with prosecco/champagne
  • As a long drink, try mixing with a good quality cloudy lemonade and garnishing with mint and raspberries

Hertfordshire Dry Gin

  • Lemon verbena and lemon balm lend beautiful vegetal and grassy citrus notes to the recipe
  • Smoky black cardamom creates depth and contributes strongly to the length
  • Pink peppercorn adds a fruity spice which sits nicely in the middle of the flavour spectrum
  • A generous portion of juniper leads the pack


Golden Apricot

Isle of Wight Apricots are compounded with London Dry Gin to make our beautifully clear and crisp Apricot Gin. There are floral notes on the nose with stone fruit and honeydew on the palate.

Incredibly food friendly our Apricot Gin is fantastic chilled down, neat, with a cheese board.

Orange & Rosemary

Made with London Dry Gin, Valencia oranges, rosemary and sugar. Served with premium tonic water and a slice of orange, this citrus forward Gin Liqueur makes for a delightfully refreshing twist on a classic G&T.


We use the very best Yorkshire Rhubarb to produce a perfectly balanced gin liqueur. Summer fruits & herbs on the nose with well rounded acidity and plenty of Rhubarb on the palate.

A great addition to any drinks cabinet our Rhubarb Gin is a perfect base for summer cocktails, sparkling or otherwise.

Bucks Brothers

Buckinghamshire Dry Gin

We infuse together carefully selected botanical ingredients, which make the distinct flavour that is Bucks Brothers Buckinghamshire Dry Gin.

Pomegranate and Sloe Gin

Our Bucks Brothers winter warmer Pomegranate and Sloe Gin liqueur combines the traditional British Sloe Gin, with the exotic Pomegranate fruit for a sweet and fragrant flavour. Pairs wonderfully with Champagne or Prosecco, but is equally as good with a whole array of different accompanying mixers.

Gin Limone

A wonderfully British take on a well known Italian classic, with botanicals inspired by the Amalfi coast, and the famous lemons of Sorrento. Our aromatic ‘Gin Limone’ boasts deliciously sweet citrus flavours with a delightfully crisp finish.