Hay and Straw Bales for Sale or Hire

Straw or Hay – which is best for me?
In short, if you want to sit on them, you’ll want straw bales – like you see pictured above. If you want to eat them, (or your pet does) then it’s hay you need.

Straw Bales
Our quality straw bales are available to buy or hire. Grown and harvested here on Stockwell Farm, straw bales are perfect for barn dances, corporate events, kids parties and weddings. Scattered around, they make comfortable seating (and are great for kids to climb over safely). Our straw bales have been used for a variety of purposes, including assault courses, festivals, creating a toddler playpen at a street party and even a temporary dog enclosure!

Hay Bales
Our premium quality fresh hay bales are renowned for their purity, due to being harvested from grass meadows right here on the farm. They provide a healthy, nutritious source of food for household pets such at rabbits, hamsters and guinea pigs. We regularly receive positive feedback from happy horse owners too on the quality of our “clean, rubbish-free” hay.


Straw Bales
HIRE – £5.50 per 30kg bale (plus delivery & collection) £20 Deposit
SALE – £6.50 per 30kg bale (plus delivery)
SALE – £5.50 per 30kg bale (collection from shop)
Minimum order for delivery is 15 bales and we’ll need 7 days notice to arrange the hire. Delivery charge is £2.50 per mile. If you’re hiring straw bales and want them collected after your event, the price is £2.50 per mile. There will be a £20 deposit which will be refunded when the bales are returned. Alternatively, you can simply pay £1 extra per bale and keep them.

You can also collect straw bales from the farm yourself, but do please call in advance so we can be ready for you when you arrive. For orders over 100 bales, or complex, multi point deliveries, please call the office on (01525) 210 281 to discuss your specific requirements.

Hay Bales
£6.50 per 30kg bale (plus delivery)
We can deliver for £2.50 per mile, or you can also collect hay bales from the farm yourself. If you need 5 or more, do please call in advance so we can be ready for you when you arrive.

Delivery Zone
We are a local business aiming at supplying a local customer base, so our standard delivery terms apply up to a 20 mile radius from the shop. To discuss a delivery beyond this region, please call the office on (01525) 210 281 and speak to the team.

Straw Bales Enquiry Form

Please complete the form below and a member of the team here at the farm will be in touch with you as soon as they can to discuss your requirements.

To speed things up it would be helpful to know if you would like to collect your bales from the farm rather than have them delivered – in which case please let us know in the comments box at the end of the form.

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What is the difference between Straw and Hay?
Straw is made from harvesting the stalks of wheat or barley. It is used for bedding for animals. Hay is grass, mown, turned and harvested, with the sunshine on. It takes 3 days of good weather to make hay, quite a feat in this country.

All our hay is made here on the farm and is as fresh & fragrant as you can get. It is much softer than straw and is generally used as animal feed.

Can I hire straw bales?
Yes. All we need is 7 days notice.

How much does a bale weigh?
A bale will weigh around 30 kilos

What are the dimensions of your bales?
They are 110cm long x 50cm deep x 30cm high

What can straw bales be used for?
Our straw bales can be used for corporate events, weddings, barn dances, assault courses, festivals, creating a toddler pen at a street party, seating at picnics and camp outs, kid’s parties and even a temporary dog enclosure.

Scattered around they make temporary comfortable seating (and are great for kids to climb over safely).

How many can be seated on a bale?
Usually 2 adults and 3 children

How are your bales stored?
In a barn, here on the farm

Where is your hay grown?
We grow grass and harvest the hay here on the family farm between Milton Keynes and Leighton Buzzard.